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Steam Quick Disconnect Poppet Valve Coupler

Steam Quick Disconnect Poppet Valve Coupler

Part Number B16-200S
Material Brass
Seal Ethylene Propylene O-rings
Size 1/4"
Pressure Rating 200 PSI gauge saturated steam (388°F / 198°C )
Optional Pkg/Box Qty 5
Weight Lb 0.3200


  • Designed exclusively for steam applications


  • Two ethylene propylene O-rings in the coupler and one ethylene propylene O-ring in the plug provide double protection against leaks.
  • Coupler has a large sleeve especially designed for easier gripping with gloves


  • Solid brass
  • Stainless steel springs and locking balls
  • Plated steel sleeve
  • Ethylene propylene O-rings

Safety notes

  • Warning: Do Not Disconnect Under Pressure!
  • Note. Pressurized steam is an extremely dangerous commodity. Only hose, fittings, clamps and accessory items that have been approved for steam service should ever be used! Never use an unapproved item for steam service. Always follow the manufacturer's product recommendations for pressurized steam handling.


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