Product Information

  • Style: T-Body
  • Order Note: Valves can be preset at the factory, advise set pressure at time of order if known.
  • Material: 316 Stainless Steel

Select a Product

Part NumberSeatSizePressure Range
SPR-TCV2A200FKM2"50-100 PSI
SPR-TCE3A150EPDM1-1/2"100-300 PSI
SPR-TCV2A150FKM1-1/2"50-100 PSI
SPR-TCV1A150FKM1-1/2"10-50 PSI
SPR-TCE2A200EPDM2"50-100 PSI
SPR-TCE2A150EPDM1-1/2"50-100 PSI
SPR-TCV1A200FKM2"10-50 PSI
SPR-TCV3A200FKM2"100-300 PSI
SPR-TCV3A150FKM1-1/2"100-300 PSI
SPR-TCE1A150EPDM1-1/2"10-50 PSI
SPR-TCE3A200EPDM2"100-300 PSI