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Dixon® Female Frac Fitting

Dixon® Female Frac Fitting

Part Number HUF206400CS
Style Figure 200/206
Material Iron
Size 4"
Working Pressure 400 PSI at 70°F (21°C)
Weight Lb 8.7500
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  • Used in the fast paced transfer of water and sand slurry at hydraulic fracturing sites.


  • Designed to work with Dixon King Crimp Ferrules.


  • Machined malleable iron stems to ASTM A47 standard


  • One-piece design eliminates leak path experienced with two-piece threaded systems
  • Long lasting and dependable hammer nut is forged to ASTM 105N standards


  • Machined iron to ASTM standards; all stems are zinc plated

Compatibility & Interchange Data

  • Interchangeable with current fittings; phase them into your current operation


  • Water and petroleum transfer hoses rated from 100 to 300 PSI WP (4:1 SF) have excellent test results with the standard King Crimp ferrules CF400-xxCS)

Safety notes

  • 400 PSI working pressure with a minimum 4:1 safety factor (hose burst: hose working pressure) is only achieved with: 4" size requires heavy duty (HD) crimp ferrules, CF400-6CSHD through CF400-16CSHD and heavy duty stems


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