• Used on food-grade stainless steel bulk transport trailers to safely and hygienically load and unload various products including milk, juices, chocolate, glycerin, and many types of food-grade oils.


  • Holding pressure: 75 PSI
  • Surface ID finish: <32Rₐ
  • Connections: flange x male threaded bevel


  • Valve housing machined from solid bar
  • Hygienic single-acting wiper seal improves cleanability and durability
  • Easy-lock plunger for locking valve in open position
  • Patent-pending closure system to eliminate the pinch point
  • Bonnet design uses standard sanitary clamp for easy removal


  • Valve: 304 stainless steel
  • Seals: FKM or buna
  • Cover: aluminum

Available Options

  • 316L product contact components
  • 15Rₐ, 20Rₐ, or 25Rₐ finishes available
  • Buna seals
  • Valve plunger with conical freeze rod


  • 3A- Authorization Number 1655, 53-06 (Compression-Type Valves) for CIP & COP