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Hammer Union Blanking Plug

Hammer Union Blanking Plug

  • Hammer Union Low Pressure Blanking Plug
Part Number HUSP500
Description Low Pressure Blanking Plug
Style Figure 50
Material Iron
Size 5"
Working Pressure 500 PSI
Weight Lb 8.9000


  • Prevents leakage of hydraulic fracturing fluids from hammer union connections used on manifolds and hose assemblies.
  • Hammer union plugs can be used as dust plugs on site or when transferring equipment.


  • Figure 50 suction plug
  • Meets ASTM standards


  • Iron construction ensures longevity, reliability, and performance
  • Plugs are designed with a larger handle for easier installation and disassembling
  • Plug design includes a handle hole to attach chain or cable


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