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EZ-Cept Overfill Double Socket

EZ-Cept Overfill Double Socket

  • ez-cept overfull double socket
Part Number FT390VGT
Description Dual socket assembly with ground device
Mount Vertical
Weight Lb 6.2500


  • Optic 6 pin, 3 J-slot, and thermistor 10 pin, 4 J-slot, vertical mount, GFL stainless J slot wear rings (US)
  • Sockets and caps are color coded with industry standardized colors which allows for easy identification of socket type (optic sockets are blue, thermistor sockets are green, and float sockets are red, colored caps are included for optic and thermistor models only).
  • Guaranteed for Life J-Slots: Our unique stainless steel alloy J-slot ring will probably outlast your trailer.
  • Prewired ready for tank installation, no more long hours wiring and troubleshooting your socket connections. Simply bolt to the trailer and connect to the terminal block in the on board monitor.
  • Ground bolt and ID chip ready: Both ground bolt and ID chip are normally mounted inside the EZ-Cept housing to protect from the corrosive elements. Or if desired, the bolt can be mounted to the trailer frame and the wire connected to the EZ-Cept internal wire terminal.
  • Patented, the EZ-Cept has so many innovative features it is covered by US patent 6,824,423.


  • Corrosion resistant hard powder coated housing, stainless steel hardware and contacts and our unique keep dry enclosure design keeps your trailer in service and corrosion at bay. Take a close look at FloTech EZ-Cept- we challenge you to find a better constructed API socket on the market.
  • Stainless steel hardware and contact pins prevent corrosion

Repair Kits
Part # Description Includes Item # Qty
FT320 blue (optic) vinyl cap assembly
FT321 green (thermistor) vinyl cap assembly
FT9051 contact block assembly for FT390/FT393 Optic 6 pin
FT9052 contact block assembly for FT390/FT393 Thermistor 10 pin
FT9062 nose ring,contact assembly, Thermistor 4 J-slot, 10 pin
FT9063 nose ring,contact assembly, Optic 3 J-slot, 6 pin
FT9068 contact block attachment screws and washers (4 each)

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