EZLink™ helps with the transferring and/or unloading of fuels (gasoline or diesel) from tank to storage tanks.  
  • transfer of liquids compatible with the available coupling and gasket materials

  •  compatible with standard cam and groove adapters

  • low profile allows easy connection and disconnection in tight applications

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In my 20 years of delivering fuel I found that the new cam and groove coupling was so easy to use and it saved wear and tear on my hands as compared to using the old style cam fittings.  Even my customers that assist me in my deliveries have commented on how easy it was to use.  I hope Dixon Valve will allow me to keep the hose that I used for testing because it is by far the best one I have ever used.
~ Daniel Byars
   Byars Trucking Inc.
   Oklahoma City, OK
   April 5, 2016